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A Texas Hidden Gem – The Texas Transportation Museum

You are currently viewing A Texas Hidden Gem – The Texas Transportation Museum
Guests can take a 15 minute train ride around the property!
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If you are a car lover or a fan of any type of transportation history, Texas has the place for you! The Texas Transportation Museum has been around for over 50 years and is entirely run by volunteers! They have displays and exhibits on just about every form of transportation there is!

The museum started in partnership with the Texas Transportation Company Railroad. They have now expanded to house their own Longhorn and Western Railroad.

Currently the museum has exhibits dedicated to model railroads, their Longhorn and Western Railroad, railroad cars, vehicles (including classic cars, tractors, and more), a walkthrough of a Pullman and Engine #6, and the South Texas Bus Preservationists.

In with the model railroads, there are currently four available to view. Guests can walk among the Garden Railroad operated by the San Antonio Garden Railroad Engineers, the O Scale model operated by volunteers of the museum, an HO Scale model operated by Alamo Model Railroad Engineers, and an N Scale model operated by SANTRAK.

The official mission of the museum is to collect, preserve, and display historically accurate and significant equipment for all kinds of transportation and related fields. The museum volunteers strive to provide educational, fun, and entertaining experiences for the guests.

The museum has a fully running and operational train that goes around the facility. Patrons are welcome to take rides on the train throughout the museum’s business hours. Train rides are included with general museum admission and are unlimited for every guest. They have flat train cars and a caboose available, allowing guests to have a different experience each ride.

Additionally, they also have a diesel cab available to ride for an additional fee!

The museum hosts events throughout the year, enticing more people to walk through the gates. This past April they hosted an Easter egg hunt. In October, they host a special Halloween event that is open for four nights of spooky activities! Throughout December they also hold an event called Santa’s Railroad Wonderland where the facility turns into a winter wonderland filled with Christmas joy!

If you are a car or history lover, we highly recommend going over to the Texas Transportation Museum! It is a place full of fun for folks of all ages, both kids and adults alike! Adults (ages 13 and up) have tickets priced at $10. Children (ages 4-12) are $8, and children (under 4 years old) are free!

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