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A Ghost Has been Spotted in San Antonio’s Café Surveillance Video

You are currently viewing A Ghost Has been Spotted in San Antonio’s Café Surveillance Video
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A  ghost appeared in surveillance video of San Antonio’s café and made the owners immediately shut the shop down.


The owner said after spotting a paranormal figure in her Cafés surveillance video, she didn’t want to be there herself.


She certainly didn’t want any customers there.



Luckily, Ward got some good news. The paranormal expert found he was a 4-year-old boy named Peter with five others. Some ghosts can be friendly, too, said Ward.


This incident became a good basis for a fresh idea.T he owner reopened the doors of the shop on Monday.


Just try to guess what was added to the menu after this? A $ 1 “ghost’’ ice cream floats.  Very creative, right?


After reopening the café, the visitors come to spend the night in Ward’s café.


The first time the owner noticed the paranormal figures, she thought it was an animal coming in through the roof. So she decided to watch the surveillance video.


After watching the video, she freaked out. Just imagine seeing the image of a little boy, but then again you can almost see a man. The scene might be really frightening. But what the expert told about the spirits is mind-blowing.


He identified the age of the spirit. And that’s not it. The expert even named five accompanying spirits names: Don, Tammy, Amber, and Stephan.


This sounds like a walkie-talkie, until someone talks into it, said Ward.


Do you imagine how it feels to talk to the spirits?  The expert asked the spirit to break something if they are not welcomed in the café. What do you think happened?



That’s how the expert knew it was safe for Ward and her customers to return to the shop.


People who are interested in visiting this ‘’mysterious’’ café are welcome at the address 2402 East Houston Street from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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