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A 33-Year-Old Parent Found Dead at the Parking Lot of Tippin Elementary School

A 33-Year-Old Parent Found Dead at the Parking Lot of Tippin Elementary School
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El Paso, Texas — On the second day of school, officials with El Paso Independent School District, addressed their community about the tragic event that unfolded at Tippin Elementary School Monday afternoon.


According to the EPISD police chief, the incident happened when students were being dismissed for the day.


He said a male driver, who seemed disoriented, was pulling out of a parking space and struck a vehicle. He continued to move his vehicle and struck 3 children, said police Chief Victor Araiza.


When bystanders approached the man, he seemed confused, said Araiza.


The 58-year-old driver put his vehicle in reverse and struck the mother, Araiza said. After which the 33-year-old woman died from her injuries.


Her two children, ages 7 and 6, were injured in the incident. The third child, a 10-year-old, is a student at the school.


The children were taken to the hospital and are in serious condition, but are expected to survive.


“The fault rests on the individual operating the vehicle, not the school administration,” said Araiza.


EPISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera said he plans on speaking more with parents about taking precautions at their schools. He added that he with the administrators will work on improving the drop-off protocol at schools. He asks parents to slow down in school zones and around campuses.


There is no immediate information about the motive of the incident. The investigation is ongoing at this moment.


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