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4 Year Old San Antonio Boy Inspires Others After Being Bullied Online

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A story about a 4 year old with a rare craniofacial syndrome that aired Wednesday in San Antonio get a lot of comments on the Internet and inspire many other people share their stories.


They boy’s name is Jameson Meyer and he recently became a victim of an offensive a cruel joke in the social media. Because of his condition, people were posting pictures, comparing the boy to a pug.


Over 7,100 comments were posted on Facebook under the post about Jameson, and it also got more than 72,000 likes as of Monday afternoon. Alice Ann Meyer, Jameson’s mother, said that the comment that stuck out to her was the one from a person apologizing for being one of those who shared the pictures.


Sharing so-called ‘memes’ people don’t realize they are about real people and it can hurt their feeling to become some sort of an internet joke. Especially when they are victims of a disease or medical condition.


Alice Ann Meyer has also created a blog about her son called Jameson’s Journey. Now it helps to spread the message and shows there are still good people in the world who see past appearances.


Rochelle Green, 43, has also got in touch with Alice Ann on Fox San Antonio. Rochelle said here parents were considering a plastic surgery to push her eyeballs further into her head. Jameson’s story reminded her of her own experience from her childhood and she reminded people, that words can be hurtful, and so can be stares.

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